Ambelmax Property Investment

Ambelmax Property Investment is a UK property development company.

We have a wide range of experience covering projects such as:

  • Commercial building reforms,
    inside and out
  • Conversion from single
    family home to multiple flats
  • Adding and creating space, loft,
    basement and other
    necessary extensions
  • Buying to let in addition
    to buying to sell
  • Successful title splits
  • Adding planning
Property sourcers
deal sourcers

Ambelmax appreciates working with enthusiastic and talented property sourcers, deal
sourcers and property professionals. Our compensation packages are the best in the
industry, we pay rewarding returns that may include an upfront fee or profit share, or even
both for competitive and quality projects.


Ambelmax is interested in mixed use freehold blocks that have some or all of the following potential opportunities, and anything with potential:
  • Pub conversions
  • Single house conversion to flats
  • Single house conversion to HMO
  • Mixed use opportunities
  • Planning change of use of the following to C3:
    • a. A1 Professional or Financial Services Retail
    • b. B1 Office
    • c. D1 Storage or Distribution
    •    (attractive looking buildings or town houses)
  • Site layout that would allow part of it to be split off and sold
  • Reconfiguration of residential element for high income,
    such as buildings into
  • micro-studios or clusters of small flat shares (3-4 bedroom) in the same block
    Configure potential ground rent and rising
    element for maximum value
  • Actual or potential income from the start, used for offsetting holding costs
    such as units that had been rented while
    the change of use is applied for.


  • Phone:07828189422